Art Therapy for schools, groups and individuals.

Welcome to Artling.

Artling is the art therapy practice of Katya Sommer, and offers a range of creative and therapeutic services to schools, groups and individuals to help develop positive emotional wellbeing and a ‘whole school approach’ towards a better understanding of positive mental health.

Art therapy helps individuals express themselves and explore difficult thoughts and feelings. It supports individuals through times of emotional stress, providing an active therapeutic practise that enables positive change.

Artling works to bring people together through fun and innovative community projects, providing learning opportunities from collective experiences and stories.


Artling works with schools providing art therapy for students who need the support.


Artling provides one to one sessions with those seeking therapeutic support through creativity.


Artling has delivered group creative sessions and workshops where experiences are shared.


Artling can travel to those who are less mobile or hospitalised, and deliver art therapy sessions direct to clients.

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What Schools have said about Artling.

Katya worked with me at the Bridge Academy in Hackney, London from February to November 2012. She was the Assistant Transition Project Manager for Place to Be.

Her main role was to facilitate and activate support for Year 7 and 8 students. She achieved a great deal with the students. She engaged them and gave them the confidence to cope with the transition into Secondary school.

She was relaxed and calm. Katya was a model for the students to follow. Her passion and dedication to the role was for all to see and gave confidence to all who met her.

In a new developing school, she displayed the essential characteristics to be successful.

I was aware of the very positive influence that she had on staff too.

I did try to get her to stay at the Bridge as her contract was concluding and wanted her to stay and work with more students in the upper part of the school. Sadly, I wasn’t successful.

I can strongly recommend Katya in this role to you based on my experience.

Stephen Foster
Ex Principal